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What it Means to be a Company Director

A company is a separate legal entity with its own rights and obligations.  Company assets, liabilities, income and expenses belong to the company entity, not to the individual directors. Directors are bound by certain rules that govern your behaviour.  You must carry out your duties as a director in good faith, in the interests of the company (even if that […]

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Allowing for Private Expenses

The ATO acknowledges that at times it is convenient for a business owner to purchase goods through their business that are in fact for private use, and also that there are goods that are purchased that may legitimately be used for both home and work purposes. There is no problem with you paying for such goods through your business; however, […]

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Super Stream

SuperStream is Here!!! How will SuperStream benefit employers? These changes have a range of potential benefits for employers, including: the opportunity to use a single channel when dealing with super funds, regardless of how many funds your employees contribute to less time spent dealing with employee data issues and fund queries greater automation and reduced cost of processing contributions and […]